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Instructors: Heather Scott and Lorraine White 

Date: July 18-20 and August 8 and 9, 2023

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm

Fee: $250

Participants: 8

Location: Highland County Public School Art Lab

Materials Cost: $25

Workshop Summary: This is a perfect opportunity to discover your skill and interest in pottery. The workshop provides experience throwing on a wheel as well as hand built pottery, information about clay characteristics, and glazing options. Participants will produce completed works in both techniques. The materials cost includes up to 10 lb. of clay, use of molds, wheels, tools, and a variety of glazing colors.


Workshop will begin with demonstration and instruction on wheel thrown and hand built pottery on July  18 - 20.  The workshop will then reconvene August 8 - 9 for glazing techniques and completion of participants’ creations. This time lapse from participants building their pieces until glazing allows for drying and kiln time.

About Heather Scott & Lorraine White

Heather Scott graduated from Eastern Mennonite University; while there she took many courses at James Madison University with an emphasis on ceramics. She continued with post graduate work at JMU around ceramic arts, studying with the renowned potter Masako Miyata. Heather likes to focus on functional pottery.

She owns and operates Lightning Bug Hollow Studios and continues to work in a variety of media. Heather has been a public and private school art teacher for 17 years and currently teaches at John Handley High School and the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, VA. You can find her art for sale in several shops and galleries around Virginia and Pennsylvania. 


Lorraine White will be assisting Heather during the pottery session. Lorraine is not only Heather’s mother but her student over the years. She has established herself as an accomplished potter in Highland County. She will oversee the kiln drying of the pieces and lead the workshop on glazing techniques on July 19 & 20.

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