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We Believe Art Is ESSENTIAL
To Community

The Highland Arts Academy is a program of the Highland Arts Council. The purpose of the Council is to promote the arts and provide cultural enrichment for the community. Through the workshops, the Council seeks to make Highland a more creative environment for learning and experiencing art on a personal basis.

Four workshops were launched in 2019 during the last week of July. Participants in basketry, barn quilt painting, pottery, and stained glass enjoyed a week together immersed in learning a new skill with talented instructors. The week ended with a gallery style show and tell where products created during the week were on display. Over 60 people attended this open house and admired the beautiful pieces. 


Based on the success of these workshops, the plans for 2020 included eight over a two week time frame. Unfortunately, COVID interrupted these plans and the workshops were canceled. However, the Arts Academy did not want to lose the momentum gained in 2019 and decided to use the opportunity to adapt and grow. Four workshops that could be safely held outdoors with all participants wearing masks were developed over the course of the summer. They included basketry, Eco printing, barn quilt painting, and broom making.  All workshops filled up quickly.


The 2021 Arts Academy season was planned using what we learned from the feedback of both participants and instructors from the previous two years. Our workshops are now one to three days in duration and are spread throughout the season enabling people to take more than one workshop. 

We are proud of the response the workshops have generated and grateful for the enthusiasm of the gifted instructors. We continue to grow and expect 2023 to be a marvelous year. New ideas for workshops continue to be developed so make sure to follow us on Facebook for updates!

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