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Instructor: Trish Uptain

Date: Wednesday, July 20
Time: workshop:  9am–12pm

           optional visit to Blackthorn Lavender Farm:  1-3pm

Fee: $50

Participants: 8

Location: Highland Center Pavilion

Materials Cost: not to exceed $20

Workshop Summary: 

This workshop will focus on popular culinary lavenders and will address the following questions: What kinds are best?  What can be grown in this region? What are the growing requirements for lavender?  How do I source lavender plants? What can I cook with them?  What does lavender pair with?  What else can I do with my buds?


The workshop will include interactive identification of lavender varieties and a selection of live lavender and dried buds will be on display. The instructor will provide an Introduction to simple syrups with examples of several syrups made with different culinary lavender available for tasting.


Students will leave with knowledge of the different culinary lavenders, ideas for use, and basic recipes.

About Trish Uptain

Trish is a resident of Pendleton County, West Virginia, She, along with her husband, Leonard own and operate Blackthorn Estates Nursery, just five miles north of the Virginia, Highland County border. 

Trish is the current secretary of the United States Lavender Growers Association and has served on the organization's board of directors for six years. She has a BS in Agriculture from the University of Maryland and a MS in Business from Strayer University. Raised on a farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Trish learned from an early age to appreciate, cherish and protect the land. 

Christmas trees were the first crop on Blackthorn Estates Nursery. Lavender was added later and has become a passion for the couple. The propagation of lavender and demonstration of its versatility are the primary focus of the farm. Trish carries a diverse line of gourmet, value-added lavender food products and loves to share recipes and suggestions for using culinary buds.

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