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Instructor: Donna Bedwell

Date: May 21 & 22

Time: 10 am – 12 pm on the 21st, 1 - 3 pm on the 22nd

Fee: $75

Participants: 8

Location: Highland Center Pavilion

Materials Cost:  None


Participants should bring molds for their container. The molds will determine the size and shape of the containers created. Suggestions include card board nursery pots, old basin, bucket, or box.


Workshop Summary:

Make a unique garden container with the Hypertufa technique. Hypertufas are  rock-like containers that get their name from “tufa”, a natural volcanic rock and “hyper”, meaning extremely. The result is an extremely hard, rock-like planter. Participants will create any shape of their choosing – an old tub, bin, or nursery pot will act as the mold. These versatile planters are wonderful for displaying rock garden plants or succulents and age gracefully over time, collecting mosses and lichens. They make excellent garden accents year round because the porous material can freeze and thaw naturally.


About Donna Bedwell

Donna is a resident of Highland, on the Board of the Highland Arts Council, and acting coordinator of the Arts Academy.  Her interests in both gardening and art, led her to explore hypertufa planters after admiring them in the landscape of a friend’s house. She is also a firm believer in the workshop experience and felt hypertufa planters would be a perfect subject for a fun activity with friends.

Hypertufa Planter image.jpg
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