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Instructor: John Pierce

Date: Monday, July 18
Time: 1 – 4 pm 

Fee: $50

Participants: 10

Location: Highland Center Pavilion

Materials Cost: The class fee will not exceed $5 and includes jars, coffee filters, tea, and salt.

Workshop Summary: Join Allegheny Mountain Institute Fellow John Pierce for an afternoon of learning the art and science of fermentation. Discover the many benefits of fermented food and learn the basics of at-home fermentation. Learn more about how simple it is to partner with ambient yeast and bacteria to make delicious sauerkraut, spicy kimchi, delicious yogurt, fruit peel vinegars, sunny fermented preserved lemons, and more fun ferments. Take home your own kombucha starter and your choice of sauerkraut or kimchi! Hands on demonstrations of how to ferment vegetables, fruits, and other products, with plenty to taste and try. 

Instructor's Statement

The art of fermentation is one of the oldest and most widespread culinary practices in the world. However, the modern emphasis on fast-paced and pasteurized meals has left many of these delicious and nutritious products behind in favor of more shelf-

stable options.


My interest in fermentation came from my wish to preserve the harvest of the summer for as long as possible. While I’m relatively new to vegetable ferments, I have been cooking all my life, and have been actively making sourdough and kombucha for over five years.


Originally from the hills of eastern Pennsylvania, I have been living in Highland County for over a year, during which time, I’ve fallen in love with the community and the scenery. The wealth of new vegetables at AMI has led me on a fermentation journey that now involves multiple SCOBYs and plenty of experimentation.

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