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Instructor: Tate Dunn

Date: May 13, 2023
Time: 10 am – 4 pm 

Fee: $75

Participants: 10

Location: 3rd Space, 132 West Main St., Monterey, VA 24465

Materials Cost: $50.00 Materials will be used in class, with enough tools and supplies to take
home to finish or create a new project. Participants will be asked to bring a sharp pair of
scissors and a used/old, clean bath and hand towel.

Workshop Summary: Felting 101 – how learning a few basic techniques can lead to
hundreds of creations. We will spend the morning learning the basics with wool fibers,
including how to create a rope, ball and piece of cloth. Students will be exposed to wet and dry
felting techniques, different types of wool and embellishments, including silk. In the afternoon
you can design your own project using the techniques you’ve been taught using a variety of
fibers, including specialty fibers and beads. Examples of projects to complete will be covered
and individual help will be provided.

The time in this class will lend itself to creating felted jewelry, ornaments, flowers, belts,
coasters, etc. Tate
 can also help you start a larger project, but the nature of the process of felting
may not allow you time to finish it in the class.

About Tate Dunn

Tate says: I have been interested in textile art since I was in high school. Fabric, fibers, yarn, natural dyes, I’ve loved them all. I started knitting and felting hats in the late 80’s and moved to fiber felting in the 1990s. To me, taking protein fibers, particularly merino wool and silk, and creating an object, is magical. It is a process that you have some control over, but it can always surprise you. After working with a several accomplished instructors, I learned how to improve my technique in wet and dry felting. Understanding the process is key to better outcomes. Whether you are a complete novice, or you have some experience felting, I believe you will benefit from learning new techniques.

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